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The work of Samuel Ayala and Pay de Menta features obsessive animated constructions made from continuous research and appropriation of gifs, logos, icons and other paraphernalia of the digital world.

This technique enambles them to create rarefied atmospheres, which gives rise to enigmatic narrative and a series of contextual reflections. - Altered description of the exhibition “México.
Círculos de Confusión: Caos Social y Ficciones Dominantes” curated by Leo Marz y Rubén Gutiérrez.



The creative duo of Samuel Lozano and Mónica Llanes bring you 'Lips', an interesting print featuring a giant pair of very inviting lips!

Paired with a striking background and bright colour pallet.

Printed on High Quality paper

Limited Edition


LIPS by Pay De Menta Colectivo!

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www.pixull.co.uk in A4, A3 and A2!

We also ship internationally!


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